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June 26, 2006
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Zoids group by Bukaojo Zoids group by Bukaojo
this toke me a total of 5 hours to color and ink. I also used a shit load of refrences to help get the detail, but there is still a lot missing. Many mistakes. Colored really fast since i wanted to get it done.
If you can't tell, they're zoids. That was probably the frist anime show i ever watched and i loved it... but i was like in the 5th grade, and they don't show it anymore :cries:. My fav would probably have to be "zoids: New century zero" also known as "zoids zero" or somethin' like that.

Ok from left to right:

if you don't know what zoids are, then this part is pretty much usless unless you wanna know which zoid is which.

(Custom) Whitz wolf:

Alignment: Republic
Family: Wolf
Registration Number: RZ-073
Height: 8.8 Meters
Length: 18.9 Meters
Weight: 87 Tons
Top Speed: 245 kilometers per hour(Running)/305 kilometers per hour(Boosters)
Weapons: Dual 50mm Photon Particle Rifles, Dual Impact Cannon, Hardened Alloy Claws and Teeth
Special Abilities: Infrared Sensors, Smoke Discharger

(Heavy Arms) Konig Wolf

Alignment: Republican
Registration Number: RZ-053
Height: 8.64 Meters
Length: 21.24 Meters
Weight: 90.5 Tons
Top Speed: 290 Kilometers per Hour
Weapons: Alloy claws and teeth
Special Abilities: Konig Strike, Electron Claws, Particle Goggles, Twin Multi-Purpose Dischargers

Brastle Tiger

Alignment: Empire
Family: Tiger
Registration Number: EZ-076
Height: 7.7 Meters
Length: 18.5 Meters
Weight: 91 Tons
Top Speed: 300 km/h
Weapons: Thermic Laser Array, Multi Barreled Artillery Cannons, Hex Grenade Launchers, Triple Impact Cannon, Hardened Landenium Alloy Blades, Hardened Landenium Alloy Claws and Teeth
Special Abilities: Blade Attack, Thermic Strike Claws, Nova's Kiss, Furious Feuerkrieg, Armoured Wild Core

Not sure what team there one since i'm terriable at making up names. Got any ideas?
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JaceNebular Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
If you would like to watch new century again you can find it here.…
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Pretty much super awesome!
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i miss zoids to TT.TT
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nice Brastle Tiger love that zoid
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That's awesome!! :D
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thank you :)
CharmedbyFire Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
zoids zero was my favourite too! I loved that it was mostly about the battles and skill and humour was high on the list as well.
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